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1992-04. Fall 92 Vol.140 Iss.27. Is Anybody Out There? Time. P. 78-80Freeman Dyson- Institute for Advanced Stdy in Princeton, NJ K. Eric Drexler, author of Engines of Creation Konstantin Feoktistov, a former Soviet cosmonaut Eric Jones, physicist at Los Alamos labsmostly speculation and imaginationnanotech will be used to create tiny robots that will create devices, including radiostransmitters to send messages to earth, when we try to colonize Marspredicted that in 500 years humans will be exploring many planets, and population will be 1 trillionspace explorationnanotech is used in a futuristic sense to be sent into space to create radio transmitters to send messages back to earth
1992-07. Hooper, L. 12/29/92. In the Lab: It Doesn't Get Much Smaller Than This. Wall Street Journal. P. B2International Business Machines Corp.- Phaidon Avouris, Whan Lyo IBM's Thomas J. Watson Research Centerscanning tunneling microscope"the once-blurry honeycomb jumps into glorious focus…from the tip of his viewing instrument, a scanning tunneling microscope" (B2)new STM's can be as small as a pencil eraser and cost more than $500,000science"it's at this never-before-seen scale [nanometers] that 21st-century circuitry will likely be built" (B2)